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Zeitronix LCD Display

The Zeitronix LCD display is a versatile, easy to mount display for the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband System. The LCD display plugs in and powers up using a single 5 foot long wire connecting to the Zt-2 DATA port. There are no extra wires for power connections. The Zeitronix LCD display is available with either a silver or black aluminum case. Multiple display configurations can be created, including renaming the Zt-2's "User2" input text.  User2 text can be letters numbers or symbols and is not limited to the examples given above. See below for more details on the LCD display format.

The LCD display provides a stealthy look and important tuning data in high contrast digital format. The LCD fonts are bright white on a black background. High contrast LCD digits are visible even in a direct sunlight. A push of a button located on the right side of the LCD shows peak and hold maximum AFR, Lambda, EGT, Boost and "User2" input values.

Dimensions are 4.7" x 2" x 0.9" (120 mm x 51mm x 23mm)

Zeitronix LCD Display Data Values

  • Air Fuel Ratio
  • Lambda
  • Boost/Vacuum
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
  • Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) (0 - 100%)
  • User1 input data (0-5 volts)
  • User2 (U2) input data configurable to as:
    Voltage (0-5 volts)
    Fuel / Oil / Boost Pressure
    Air / Water / Oil / Transmission Temperature
    AFR/Lambda (Dual Channel AFR/Lambda Display)
    E % (Ethanol Content)
  Values can be display in imperial or metric units.

LCD Display Formatting

Top Options Top Left Top Right
Option 1 Lambda AFR
Option 2 User2 (5 character text can be renamed) AFR
Option 3 Lambda U2 (2 character text can be renamed)

Bottom Options Bottom Left Bottom Right
Option 1 Boost / Vacuum, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure EGT
Option 2 User1 (data from any 0-5 volt output sensor) EGT
Option 3 TPS (0-100% reading) EGT

Top row formatting can be setup by pressing and holding down the LCD button during powered up.
The LCD Display questions page has details on how to choose top row contents and rename the "User2" text.

Bottom left text will display as "Boost", "User1" or "TPS" depending on the configuration. To choose between "Boost", "User1" or "TPS" a single connection is made on the Zt-2 signal harness:

  • "Boost" : connect the Zt-2 signal harness orange wire (pin 4) to a Boost, Fuel or Oil pressure sensor
  • "User1" : connect the Zt-2 signal harness orange wire (pin 4) to the signal harness brown wire (pin 11)
  • "TPS" : connect the Zt-2 signal harness orange wire (pin 4) to the signal harness yellow wire (pin 6)

The bottom right side data and text are fixed as an EGT display.

User2 / Sensors / Dual Channel AFR
The Zt-2's "User2" input and LCD feature displaying this value were added in 2010.
Please see Zt-2 2010 vs. 2009/earlier for more information on product year differences.

The User2 input supports air or fluid temperature sensors, boost/vacuum and oil/fuel pressure sensors and can be used to link in a second Zeitronix Wideband reading to create a dual channel wideband Air/Fuel ratio reading on the LCD display.

LCD case dimensions are 4.7" x 2" x 0.9" (120 mm x 51mm x 23mm). The single power/data cable is located on the right side (back bottom corner of the display) and is 5 feet (1.5 meters) long. The data cable is thin, black and easily blends in with the dash. Installation is as simple as using double sided tape or Velcro allowing for a removable and secure display.

Please visit our customer gallery for some unique ideas and pictures of LCD installations.

Case Removal
LCD display internals are removable with inner dimensions of 4.7" x 2" x 0.7" (120 mm x 51mm x 18mm).

To remove the LCD display from its case start by removing the two (2) screws from the right side LCD display. Carefully slide the display out while pushing down slightly on the inner LCD display module. This will prevent the inner LCD display from getting scratched on the edge of the case during removal.

Please make sure to take all possible static electricity precautions when handling the LCD display without its protective case.
If reinserting the LCD display back into the case make sure to push down slightly on the inner LCD display module to prevent possible scratches from the edge of the case.

Stylish / Stealthy LCD installations (no outer case)

Remote/Ribbon Cable LCD Display

To assist in installations requiring extra finesse, a special order item called the "Remote" (or "Ribbon Cable") LCD display is available. Price is the same as the standard LCD display. A case is not included and an 8" cable connects the inner circuit board and LCD display board (they are normally mounted one on top of the other). The 5 foot power/data cable is attached above the blue button pictured below in the same manner as on the standard LCD display.

Display circuit board dimensions are 4.6" x 1.46" x 0.5" (117 mm x 37mm x 13mm).

Please make sure to take all possible static electricity precautions when handling the LCD display without its protective case.


Please contact us at sales@zeitronix.com for ordering details.

Special Order Item:

- Orders may take up to (approximately) 1 week to ship
- LCD case is not included with this purchase
- Sales of the "Remote/Ribbon Cable LCD Display" are final. The item is non-returnable/non-refundable.

Additional Displays

Zeitronix offers gauge style displays such as the ZR-1 AFR/Lambda Gauge and ZR-2 Multi Gauge, a Hacker/Tweaker AFR display and the DashDAQ touch screen display.

All displays offer clean and easy installation, just like our LCD display, with power and data through a single wire connecting directly from the Zt-2 data port. No extra wires for power connections! Multiple displays supported! All displays allow for simultaneous data logging.