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ZR-2, Multiple Gauge Installation

The 2010 Model Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband System supports up to three (3) gauges at once. Installation is very simple with power and data connections coming from a single cable connection. Pictured below are three (3) ZR-2 Multi Gauges connected to a Zt-2 with an additional connection for simultaneous datalogging.

Each ZR-2 Multi Gauge includes two mounting screws, two nuts and a serial data splitter. The ZR-2's cable is 5 feet in length.
The serial data cable is 6 feet in length and is included with the Zt-2 Wideband System kit.

Each ZR-2 Multi Gauge can have values displayed in the outer ring of LEDs or in the inner digital readout display area.
The outer LEDs and digital readout can be independently configured to startup as any of the "Displayed Values" listed in the table below (AFR/Lambda, Boost/Vacuum, EGT, Oil/Fuel Pressure, Air/Water/Oil/Trans Temperature).

Zt-2 Input Displayed Value on the ZR-2 Gauge
AFR/Lambda Air Fuel Ratio or Lambda
Boost/Vacuum Boost/Vacuum in psi/inHg or bar/mmHg
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
User2 (configurable input)

(Pressure in psi/inHg or bar/mmHg,
 Temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
Oil Pressure
Fuel Pressure
Air Intake Temperature
Water Temperature
Oil Temperature
Transmission Temperature

multiple ZR-2 gauges diagram