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ZR-2 Features Diagram

  • One gauge for displaying Wideband AFR / Lambda,  Boost / Vacuum, EGT, andthe Zt-2  "User2" input values such as E% (Ethanol Content) air/oil/transmission temperature, fuel/oil pressure, voltage or a 2nd AFR/Lambda when in a Dual Channel AFR/Lambda Display configuration
  • 4 digit readout available in Blue or Red
  • Stylish, machined, brushed aluminum or anodized black bezel and slim enclosure gives the gauge an elegant appearance
  • User configurable outer LED and inner digital readout values via a front push button
  • Gauge startup setup is configurable
  • Robust fail-safe gauge capabilities using the Zeitronix ZAVT-1 Alarm/Trigger. Monitor and trigger on single values or combinations of AFR, Boost, RPM, TPS, EGT, Oil/Fuel Pressure and Air/Water temperatures.
  • No PC laptop required for gauge configuration. Cycle through displayed values at any time using the front push button.
  • English and Metric UnitsSEMA Global Media Award
  • High contrast LED display
  • Large 0.3" (7.5mm) digits
  • Slim 0.75" (19mm) flat back design for flexible gauge mounting options
  • Peak and Hold feature
  • SEMA Award Winning gauge
  • Made in the USA

Requires Zeitronix Zt-2 for operation. The ZR-2 Multi Gauge works with all versions of the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband AFR meter and Datalogging System. The ZR-2 Multi Gauge plugs into the Zt-2 DATA port. Power and serial data is supplied directly through the single connector. No additional +12V or ground  wires required. The ZR-2 Multi Gauge cable length is 5 ft (1.5m).

Made in USA

Fail-Safe Operation
Add robust failsafe gauge features using the ZAVT-1 Warning/Trigger Box and optional relay. The Zt-2 Wideband controller will monitor user set levels triggering the ZAVT-1 Warning/Trigger box and optional relay if one or a combination of values exceeds limits. Trigger a failsafe condition on any Zt-2 input including AFR, Boost, RPM, TPS, EGT, Oil/Fuel Pressure, Air/Water temperatures and more. Create a failsafe gauge with the Zt-2 controller watching both displayed values and any other connected sensors or inputs. This simple failsafe safeguard is a great way to protect your engine, hardware and time investment.

Fail-safe setup

Dual Channel Wideband AFR
Dual channel AFR readings are available with two AFR readings being displayed on one ZR-2 gauge. The outer edge of LEDs supply one AFR reading while the inner digital readout shows the second air/fuel ratio. Multiple display and datalogging options are available running a dual bank setup.


Multiple Widebands with Black Box Data Logger and Optional Display

Multiple Gauges Supported
3 Gauges Connected to one Zt-2

A splitter is included with each display allowing up to 3 displays to be linked to single Zt-2. Details.

The ZR-2 gauge is only 3/4" (19mm) thick. The back of the gauge is completely flat with cable hidden in a cavity and can be surface mounted almost anywhere inside the car cabin using a piece of Velcro or double sided tape. The ZR-2 base allows the gauge to be mounted in a standard 2 1/16 (52mm) gauge pod. For additional mounting options the package includes 2 set screws and 2 nuts (4-40 screw size).  Check out the gallery for gauge installation pictures.

ZR-2 gauge dimensions:
Base diameter     2" 1/16 (52mm)
Bezel diameter    2" 1/2   (62mm)
Thickness           0.75"      (19mm)
Digit height         0.3"       (7.5mm)

Outer LED Ring

outer LED ring animation
Center Digital Readout

Center Display Animation
Side View
ZR-2 Side View
Back View
ZR-2 Back View
Red Digits / Silver Bezel

ZR-2 Red Digits / Silver Bezel
Blue Digits / Silver Bezel

ZR-2 Blue Digits / Silver Bezel
Red Digits / Black Bezel

ZR-2 Red Digits / Black Bezel
Blue Digits / Black Bezel

ZR-2 Blue Digits / Black Bezel
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