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Barry Wade Zeitronix Zt-2 Barry Wade Engine
Barry Wade Burnout Barry Wade Zeitronix Team
Barry Wade's 1993 Chevy Lumina, racing as part of the American Drag Racing League in the Pro Modified division. 
1/4 mile pass time in a mere 6.4 seconds!

  Cuda1 Cuda2 Cuda4Cuda5 Cuda8 Cuda7
Mike Mills 1967 Plymouth Barracuda - 154 mph (8.94 second E.T.)

Cuda 1968 Burnout Cuda 1968 Launch Cuda 1968 Front Launch9 and 8's Time Slips
When we made the switch over to electronic fuel injection in our 1968 Hemi Barracuda bracket car, the Zeitronix air fuel meter made the transition seamless. We were able to improve our best quarter mile time by .4 of a second, going from a 9.41 with a Holley Dominator, to a new best of 9.000 @ 148.97 mph with just a single throttle body and our EMS-Pro engine management system. When winning a race comes down to .001 of a second we trust the accuracy of Zeitronix! - Your Friends at EFI Source, Boyertown, PA.  
Update: 2 Runs made in the 8's at two different tracks (click on ticket to the right for details)!

  BMW diagrammed hood BMW Dash BMW Open Hood
Juan from Racing Products in Argentina sends us this picture of their modified BMW with helpful hood diagram.
This beast will be running at
Subaru Speed Day Argentina in November 2011.

track Zt-2 installed interior

1998 Twin Turbo Cobra Ethanol Content Analyzer Mounted 1998 Twin Turbo Cobra (Engine)
"The Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer helps me manage the 1028 rear wheel horsepower / 1094 rear wheel torque!"
- Ken Conway, St. Louis, Missouri - 1998 Twin Turbo Mustang Cobra

"Professional Awesome" Takes two track records in street class, Global Time Attack.
   August 7, 2011 - New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ
   September 18, 2011 - Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL
New Jersey Motorsports Park New Jersey Motorsports Park Podium Autobahn Country Club
Quote from the team: "...this product has made tuning simple. A few pulls and we are dialed in, simple as that."


November 14, 2010 - Zeitronix sponsored team "Professional Awesome" takes the class track record at Fontana raceway during the Redline Time Attack season finale!  Full story and additional pictures at Professional Awesome.
 Evo-with-S2000 Professional Awesome Waiting-for-start

 Speed Trial USA Corner Speed Trial USA Corner2 Speed Trial USA Night Race
California tracks are at high desert heat. Zeitronix Zt-2 is setup for coolant temperature and EGT warnings.

RRM EVO 8 staging RRM EVO 8 track

May 29, 2011 - Zeitronix tuned EVO 8 - Road Race Engineering & Motorsports are proud to announce our victory at Redline Time Attack- Round 3 at AutoClub Speedway in Fontana California. (more...)

Bonneville1 Bonneville2: ZT-2, Black Box Data Logger, ZAVT-1 Bonneville3

October, 2011 - After some engine trouble (picture directly on the right) Norm moved to a Zt-2 with ZAVT-1 for help protecting his engine from damage. He added in a Black Box Data Logger and sent these latest pictures (above). Norm reports it washed out on this day and too wet to run but we look forward to some great reports from him out at Bonneville in the future.


Engine Bay                            J. Palmer

  • When I first began upgrading my car in 2004 I had the kiddy gauges for AFR and boost. Then I found Zeitronix. Since then my stock motor has become a built motor and Zeitronix has been monitoring my engine vitals the whole way! Over that time I have recommended friends and even my fiancé to use Zeitronix as the perfect tuning aid. To handle higher boost pressure I recently had my 5 year old Zt-2 upgraded to match Zeitronix current Zt-2 capabilities and it is still going strong. My car is now equipped with a Buschur Racing Race head/motor and built Shepherd Racing Transmission with a GT37R turbo kit and heading towards running 42 PSI of boost!

    Jonathan Palmer
    Jacksonville, Florida

circle track 3
circle track 2
circle track 2


Zeitronix Sponsored Vehicle
at the 2008 Pikes Peak
Hill Climb - Driver Lisa Klassen

Opel Kadett Front
Opel Kadett
with Chevy 406
Blow-Through ProCharger

Opel Kadett Side
Mats and Ola Andersson,
Arsunda Sweden
8.46-160mph (running E85)

Chad Brinkman
Chad Brinkman
Eric W.
Eric W.
Mike Tomaszewski 
  • I absolutely love the Zt-2. I was in the market for a Wideband, and after extensive research I found that there was no competition when compared to the Zeitronix Zt-2.  Where else can you get an all in one gauge with the features, performance and quality of the Zt-2?
    - Chad Brinkman

  • I believe the Zt-2 was one of the best purchases I have made for my vehicle. It is very high quality and has the absolute best software.
    - Eric W.

  • We installed the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband controller and the ZR-2 multi gauge in our 900 plus horsepower 1968 Plymouth Barracuda bracket car and received almost instant gratification. First of all, the installation took mere minutes - much faster and simpler than the installation of a more widely advertised unit we had used in the past. The Zt-2 helped us get the car dialed in faster than we could have ever dreamed, which means we are spending more time on the track and less time in the pits. Our current best is 9.41 @ 146 mph with a 2 speed Power Glide transmission @ 3140 lbs.
    - Mike Tomaszewski

Auto X Portland
Antonio Sirabella
(Photo by Jeff H.)
Nick Mendolia

Joseph Yarbrough
2005 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V
  • Very quick and easy install, I had it up and running in no time.
    - Nick Mendolia
  • Thanks for making such a great product and standing by it for that matter.
    - Antonio Sirabella
  • Working with Zeitronix equipment has been an absolute pleasure. I have found your products to be second to NONE and this was not the first product we used. With important features like analog wideband data output, and narrowband simulation makes this product extremely useful outside of the common platforms. I have never had such a helpful customer service experience.
    - Joseph Nicholas Yarbrough
      425whp 2005 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V


New 3 foot Oxygen Sensor Harness for motorcycles Available Now!

Hayabusa,Mojave  Hayabusa,Mojave Black
Rick reports his turbo Hayabusa is making around 275 horsepower putting him at 202.6 MPH for his latest Mojave run. 
Rick has a Zt-2 Wideband installed for tuning plus a Black Box Data Logger to record the runs.
Update: 227.5 MPH at the Mojave Magnum, June 2012, details here!

Hayabusa,Mojave Skeleton Leathers
Hayabusa,Mojave Zt-2 and Black Box Data Logger
Hayabusa,Mojave 225 MPH Club


Eddie O'Dell sent us these pictures of his instrument loaded Suzuki DRZ450 with Zeitronix Zt-2, LCD display, Boost sensor, and Pocket Logger datalogging.  He contacted Zeitronix and Digital Tuning for help with a custom TPS sensor...

  • I hope you guys continue your business partnership with Mike and Digital Tuning as his personal commitment to customer satisfaction is incomparable.
    - Eddie O'Dell, Indianapolis, IN

Moto Install with Palm Pilot

Zeitronix Zt-2
with Palm V for display
and datalogging


335 HP Turbocharged Hayabusa
and Zeitronix Zt-2 with
LCD and PDA for datalogging

RSR Turbo 2


Display Installations

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Limited Edition - more pictures and specifications available at http://vheminc.com/

Alpine Camaro LCD and Dash Alpine Camaro Amps Alpine Camaro, CES, Las Vegas

560 horsepower (537 torque) Alpine Camaro SS from the consumer electronics show (CES), Las Vegas Nevada, January 1, 2011.
Zeitronix LCD Display installed in dash alongside a custom Alpine 3200 watt sound system. Dyno Sheet.

ZR-2 Panel
ZR-2 Bracket
ZR-2 Panel In Dash



LCD Mount Night LCD Mount LCD Mount 2
  • I purchased your Wideband last year and I can say I'm nothing but happy with it.
    - Mitch Livingstone
  • I want to thank you for an awesome product. I love my Zeitronix wideband as it is so much more than just that.
    - Charlie M.
  • I have your Zt-2 and well love it! Best wideband ever. I use your display to monitor everything Boost, EGT, RPM, etc., but I also must say, because of the super fast sampling rate the tachometer responds so much faster than my factory one. Most other widebands don't even offer the ability to read RPM with out add-on's and a hole lot more money, you guys include it off the bat!
    - Curt Gulla -- SAM (School of Automotive Machinist), Texas
Hacker Tweaker In Dash
Hacker Tweaker In Dash (Off)
ZR-2 Multi Gauge Mounted
LCD Dash Install
ZR-2 Dash Install
LCD Dash Install 2



LCD Dash Retract
LCD Dash Open
LCD Dash Hinged
stealth install dash
stealth install dash side view
stealth install dash back view
Thanks to Shawn for these great LCD installation pictures.
A detailed posting of his installation can be found on the
legacygt.com forums.

Subie Front Sarah Subie Inside
  • Zeitronix gauges are not only accurate and a great tuning gauge, but also the sexiest gauges I have ever seen! The Zeitronix team has the highest level of customer service and support. Thanks for all your help.

    Las Vegas, Nevada

2001 Mustang (Dual Gauge Setup)

2001 Mustang (pre installation)

Suzuki Kizashi LCD

T-Bird Twin Turbo Mustang 95 Lightning
  • We have used Zeitronix widebands for tuning thousands of Ford and GM vehicles for years. We also take one with us when we train other tuning dealers - and most of the time the dealers who see and use the Zeitronix widebands end up purchasing one or more themselves. Our personal vehicles, a ‘95 700 RWHP Turbo Mustang and our ’94 500+ RWHP Lightning are both equipped with on-board Zeitronix widebands as well. When we are tuning we usually use two widebands, one in each bank for V8 and V6 vehicles, one will always be a Zeitronix wideband and the other is either the wideband the dyno has provided or a high end wideband such as a Horiba or ECM. The Zeitronix is usually within 0.1 of the very expensive wideband if the vehicle is mechanically sound. We have used and owned virtually all of the less expensive widebands available today and no other product matches the Zeitronix.  And don't forget the excellent customer support!

    Don LaSota
    LaSota Racing Technologies

Offshore Racing 2   Offshore Racing 1

   Tallini Podium  Road Race Podium Vehcile
  Road Race Motorsports victory at Redline Time Attack driving a Zeitronix tuned Eclipse.

speed ventures EVO speed ventures EVO 2 speed ventures EVO 3

Camaro 1  Camaro 3

Congratulations to Zeitronix sponsored grassroots team "Professional Awesome" for securing the #1 East Coast Championship position in the Redline Time Attack series!  For the full story including a detailed rundown of the event see the posting about the win on the Professional Awesome website or evolutionm.net.

Sebring Sebring2

Photo Credit: Abby Jons at http://abbyjons.smugmug.com/



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