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Zeitronix (MAP) Boost Sensors Zeitronix Gauge Pressure Sensor
These absolute pressure sensors come in two possible sizes, a 50 PSI (3.5 Bar) MAP sensor (P/N 2130-50-A) and 75 PSI (5 Bar) MAP sensor (P/N 2130-75-A).  Absolute pressure sensors measure both negative pressure (vacuum) and positive pressures.  These Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors provide a very useful engine load measurement.  These rugged sensors can withstand use monitoring fuel or other automotive fluid pressures.  These sensors can be used with the Zt-2 as a boost sensor or with your own engine management system (EMS) or datalogger. Our 150 PSI (10 Bar) gauge pressure sensors (P/N 2130-150-G) measures positive pressure only and are not for use as boost sensors with the Zt-2.  Instead their ruggedness and range provides a perfect too for monitoring fuel, oil or other automotive fluid pressures.  Connect to the Zt-2 "User Input" and monitor in the Zeitronix datalogger as a  0 to 150 PSI or a 0 to 10 Bar signal, or connect to your own engine management system (EMS) or datalogger.
Sensor Output
50 PSI 0.5 volts at 0 PSI (vacuum)
  4.5 volts at 50 PSI absolute pressure
75 PSI 0.5 volts at 0 PSI (vacuum)
  4.5 volts at 75 PSI absolute pressure
Sensor Output
150 PSI Gauge 0.5 volts at 0 PSI gauge pressure
      (atmospheric pressure)
  4.5 volts at 150 PSI gauge pressure
      (150 PSI above atmospheric pressure)

Power: +5V (for 50/75 PSI sensors)
Thread: 1/8 NPT
Power: +5V
Thread: 1/8 NPT

Zeitronix Pressure Sensor Installation Tips
To make an educated tuning decision you need at least RPM and engine load reference alongside the AFR number.  We offer very accurate and  temperature compensated MAP sensors in two flavors, 50 PSI (3.5 BAR) and 75 PSI (5 BAR). Those absolute values translate to 35.3 PSI (2.5 BAR) and 60.3 PSI (4 BAR) gauge pressure.

The MAP and gauge pressure sensors can be used on both the Boost and User2 inputs, plus there are additional options for connecting even more sensors.


These rugged stainless steel MAP and gauge pressure sensors come with a weather sealed connecting harness.  A hose barb connects the MAP to a vacuum line and the connecting harness links to the Zt-2, EMS or datalogging system.  The MAP sensor samples the pressure reading at the same source point as a boost gauge. Typically it's a vacuum line connected to the intake manifold.  Both MAP and gauge pressure sensors are suitable for use with as oil or fuel pressure sensors.  For full race application you can also weld our 1/8 NPT aluminum bung and  thread the MAP directly into the intake manifold.

The three MAP Sensor wires connect to the Zt-2 as follows:

Zt-2 Wire Color MAP Sensor Wire Color
YELLOW (+5V Supply) RED
BROWN (Signal Ground) BLACK
ORANGE (Boost Input) GREEN

Setup for 3rd Party Systems
Third party engine management systems may require pressure sensor values specified for 0 volts and 5 volts levels. Although the sensors read from 0.5 volt to 4.5 volts, values can still be specified to create correct pressure readings on a 3rd party system.
Please see the following table for 0 and 5 volt pressure reading values for the various sensor types:
50 PSI Sensor
0 volts -20.95 psi
5 volts 41.55 psi
75 PSI Sensor
0 volts -24.075 psi
5 volts 69.675 psi
150 PSI Sensor
0 volts -18.75 psi
5 volts 168.75 psi

Sensor pressure readings can also be expressed as an equation based on voltage:

  50 psi sensor:  pressure = 12.5 * voltage - 20.95
  75 psi sensor:  pressure = 18.75 * voltage - 24.075
150 psi sensor:  pressure = 37.5 * voltage - 18.75