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Hardware Compatibility Questions

This page provides information on the model Year 2009 and earlier compatibility in relation to the Model 2010 Zt-2 and displays.  It will also detail information on upgrade or trade-in services for the 2009 and earlier model Zt-2 and displays.

Hardware Changes:
Both the earlier model Zt-2 and the 2010 model Zt-2s have a "User" input which allows a 0 to 5 volt sensor reading.  The Zt-2 Model 2010 introduces a new configurable input called "User2".  Display of the "User2" value on the Model 2010 LCD display can be put in place of the "Lambda" or "AFR" readings with a customized name for the input title.  The LCD will then power up using this layout and name.  The 2010 Model ZR-2 Multi-Gauge can also display this data and be configured to power on with "User2" data as the default.  The "User2" input can be configured for use as a Temperature input (air intake, oil temperature, transmission temperature), pressure input (fuel pressure or boost readings), or as a voltage input (0 to 5 volt readings).  These sensors can be found on our order page.

1. Can a Model 2009/earlier Zt-2 Wideband be upgraded to a 2010 model?

Two options are available for 2009/earlier Zt-2 Wideband systems.

a. Upgrade the system to the 2009 Zt-2 specification.

2009 Zt-2 specification features include warnings output support for the ZAVT-1, linear wideband output support, 75 PSI (5 BAR) MAP sensor support, and adjustable narrowband switching point output support.

Please visit the 2009 Specification Upgrade Page for more information on this upgrade service.

b. Trade in the 2009/earlier Zt-2 for a Model 2010

To provide some help in getting the new Model 2010 Zt-2 Wideband we are offering a trade-in service for $187 plus shipping.  Please see the trade in service details page for more information.

2. Can a 2010 Model LCD or ZR-2 Multi-Gauge be used with a 2009/earlier Model Zt-2?

Yes, but since the 2009/earlier Zt-2 does not support a configurable "User2" input this data is not available for the displays to show.  You will be able to setup the "User2" display and rename the text.

3. Can a 2009/earlier Model LCD Screen or ZR-2 Multi-Gauge be used with the Model 2010 Zt-2?

Yes, but the 2009/earlier displays do not support viewing "User2" data.

4. Can a Model 2009/earlier LCD or ZR-2 Multi-Gauge be upgraded to become a Model 2010 Display?

No we do not have a service upgrading 2009 and earlier displays by themselves.  See question 1 for upgrading the display as part of the upgrade or trade-in services.