Mike “Cudaman” Mills, Street Legal '67 Plymouth Barracuda, 8.949 at 153 MPH

Zeitronix presents an update from Mike Mills and his '67 Plymouth Barracuda...

Dear Zeitronix,

I wanted to take time to post an update on my car. For those who don’t know it’s a '67 Plymouth Barracuda with a 446 Big Block Mopar with an 80mm Bullseye Turbo. I installed the motor in late 2009 along with your Zt-2 Wideband data recorder with LCD display.

During the last few years I have used your product to fine tune my combination hitting 8.949 @ 153.88 mph at only 15.6lbs of boost!

I could have never done this without your products!

As an example after the first time to the track with the car I was able to see on the recorded data that the RPM was not dropping on the shift. This meant I was “driving through the converter” or too loose. So I took the converter out and had it tightened up. Let me tell you what a difference I could feel driving it around the on the street.

Cuda, Mopar Enthusiast

That’s right it’s a 3320lb street car. I only race this car a few times a year.

I drive it almost every weekend once the weather breaks in the spring until we hit winter. I have never been on a dyno; I use your data recorder on the street to tune my combination to find the optimal tune-up.

Black Box Data LoggerI recently purchased your Black Box Data Logger and that has been an AWESOME addition to my program! No more laptop in the car!

Cuda No Hood

Your customer support and products are top in the industry!

Thanks again,

Mike “Cudaman” Mills

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Cuda time slip

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