Zeitronix Data Logger v3.1.3

  • NEW : Overlapping plots

    Select two, more, or all plots for overlapped display.
  • NEW : Movable Plots

    Move the most important data where need.
overlapped plot portion
  • NEW : Quick Command Buttons

    Quickly Add/Delete, Move or Overlap plots using the simple buttons on the right.

 Download ZDL v 3.1.3

quick help portion

 Overlapped Plots
overlapped plot

 Original Plots
non-overlapped plot


  • Use the overlapped button to select at least two plots as overlapped.
  • Shortcut keys 'p' and 'o' will arrange plots in regular or overlapped format
    ('d' and 't' will show the dashboard view or arrange all as text).
  • Use keys '1' and '2' to switch between the dash view and plot view without affecting the plot layout.
    Use this if only some plots are to be overlapping and others not.

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