Zeitronix Newsletter - September 2010
Temperature Sensor Monitoring using the Zt-2's User1 Input
The 2010 Model Zt-2 supports air and fluid temperature sensors natively on the configurable User2 input.  What can be done if you have a 2009/earlier Zt-2?  What if you wish to monitor a second temperature sensor?  In this article we will provide an overview of how to setup a temperature sensor on the Zeitronix wideband User1 input.  These instructions will apply to both the 2010 and 2009/earlier mode Zt-2 Widebands.  This method us also applicable to setting up one or more temperature sensors on the DashDAQ Display Analog 1 and Analog 2 inputs.

For additional details including how fluid temperatures work please see the User1 Temperature Sensor Setup page.  Configuration files required for the DashDAQ display setup are also available here.

For monitoring only a single temperature sensor using the current 2010 model Zt-2 please follow these simple installation instructions.  No special connections are required in this case.

- Any model year Zt-2 Wideband Controller
- Air or fluid temperature sensor
- 1 KOhm resistor
- 5 volt power source (Zt-2 yellow wire)
- Zeitronix Data Logger v 3.0.8 BETA or later software

The Zt-2 5 volt power can be connected to power both a boost sensor and the 1KOhm resistor.

Zt-2 Connections
Connect the temperature sensor, resistor and a 5 volt power source as follows:
pull-up diagram

Zeitronix Data Logger Setup
A new version of the software has been released which will automatically show the temperature values based on the type of sensor connected.  See below for a link to the latest release supporting this feature.

Please be aware that the temperature values will be displayed in the Zeitronix Data Logger software only.  Converted temperature data is not sent to hardware displays although voltage-only readings for the User1 input can be displayed on the LCD display.  See the ZT-2 Wideband instructions for details on setting up the LCD display to show User1 voltage readings.

The DashDAQ display can convert and display temperature readings.  Please see the configuration files located at the bottom of the User1 Temperature Sensor Setup page for more information on setting up the DashDAQ temperature readings.
  Air Temp. 3/8th NPT   Fluid Temp 3/8th NPT   Fluid Temp. 1/8th NPT
Air and Fluid
Temperature Sensors

1 KOhm Resistor
1 KOhm resistor

New Zeitronix Data Logger v3.0.8_BETA

A new version of the software is available which supports using the User1 input as a temperature sensor input.  With the temperature sensor attached as described above this version of the software will read User1 input voltages and display them as a temperature reading.

Right click on the "Zt-2 User1" name on the right hand side of a plot. Change "Display Values As:" to reflect the type of sensor connected.  Values will now be shown as a temperature.

For more information on the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Model 2010 please visit the Zt-2 Product Information Page.
For questions on the Zeitronix Model 2009/earlier versus the new Model 2010
please visit the Hardware Compatibility Questions Page.