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User1 Temperature Sensor Setup

  1. Overview : Why and When to use this Setup
  2. Air and Fluid Temperature Sensor Operation
  3. Zt-2 and Temperature Sensor Connections
  4. Display Options
  5. Zeitronix Data Logger Software Setup
  6. DashDAQ Display Setup


If connecting to a single temperature sensor to a 2010 model Zt-2 please follow these simple installation instructions. For 2009/earlier model Zt-2s, the 2010 Model User1 input or DashDAQ Analog 1 and 2 inputs please see below for instructions.

Note on Zt-2 2010 Models: Temperature sensors are most easily setup on the 2010 Model Zt-2 User2 input.  If there is no temperature sensor currently connected to the User2 input then it is recommended to use the User2 input instead. If an air or fluid temperature sensor is already connected on the User2 input these directions can be used to monitor a second sensor.
Air and Fluid Temperature Sensor Operation
Air and Fluid Temperature sensors work by changing their resistance as the temperature changes.  To read a change in resistance these sensor must be given a 5v power source and be connected to a second resistor with a voltage reading being taken in between the two.  This type of circuit is called a voltage divider and will be detailed in the next section.

The User2 input on the Zt-2 Model 2010 does not require a 5v power and resistor connection.  These connections are made internally if the Zt-2 User2 input is configured for a temperature sensor.  The User1 input on all models of Zt-2 will require the 5v and resistor connection when using a temperature sensor.  A question at this point may be whether the Zt-2 EGT input can be used for air or fluid temperature sensors.  EGT probes use a different physical mechanism to read temperature and so the EGT input is only usable with K-Type thermocouples, not with air or fluid temperature sensors.

Zt-2 and Temperature Sensor Connections
Connect the 1 KOhm resistor and air (or fluid) temperature sensor as follows:

pull-up circuit diagram


Display Options
The Zt-2 User1 input and DashDAQ Analog 1 or Analog 2 inputs are able to collect 0-5 volt data values.  These values can be displayed by the Zt-2 LCD screen or DashDAQ touch screen as a voltage value.  Both the Zeitronix Data Logger Software (ZDL) and DashDAQ can also convert and display this data as a temperature value. 

Zeitronix Data Logger Software Setup
Edit the display of the User1 plot either through the menu or by right clicking on the User1 name on the right side of the screen.  Select the temperature sensor used from the drop down list as shown below:
ZDL Edit Display Item Dialog       

Support for this feature has been added to ZDL version 3.0.8 BETA and later.
Please visit the Zeitronix Data Logger Download Page for updates.

DashDAQ Display Setup

The DashDAQ Analog 1 and 2 inputs can be configured to use the air and fluid temperature sensors by adding a non-linear device and a configuration file to the DashDAQ.  You will need to delete the Analog 1 or 2 device and then add the non-linear device which will use the Analog 1 or 2 input.  Please consult the DashDAQ manual for additional information on setting up the non-linear device.

DashDAQ non-linear device configuration files for air and fluid temperature sensors:
    [3/8th Air Temp. Config.]    [3/8th Fluid Temp. Config]    [1/8th Fluid Temp. Config]