Zeitronix Newsletter - May 2010
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  1. New Zeitronix Data Logger v3.0.5    (Download Page/ZIP/EXE)
    On-screen warnings have been added, and more...
  2. Zt-2 Wideband TipsMulti-Sensor Setups Multiple temperature sensors can be used to monitor oil, transmission, water and air temperatures.  In the example below two air temperature sensors are connected using an optional switch.  A similar setup can be accomplished with two pressure sensors on a Zt-2 Boost or User2 input.
Zt-2 Wideband System

1.  Zeitronix Data Logger (ZDL) v3.0.5 Released

  • New  Warnings setup support for on-screen controls
    Plots, Text, and Gauge controls flash an on-screen warning when warning levels are exceeded. 
    For more information on warnings setup please visit the ZAVT product page.

    Please see the Zeitronix Data Logger Page to download the latest release.
    Release notes are also available.

Warnings Flashing
2.  Multiple Sensor Installation          (web version of these instructions)

By using an optional switch Zt-2 inputs can be given "double duty" helping you get more information and the best performance from your vehicle.  Common uses for this technique include monitoring oil and fuel pressure, measuring intercooler efficiency, or monitoring an additional oil, transmission, water or air temperature.

In the example below two air temperature sensors are connected to the Zt-2 User2 input.  This configuration will work equally as well using an air temperature sensor and a fluid temperature sensor or by using two fluid temperature sensors.

A similar setup as the one below can be used to monitor oil, fuel, and MAP pressures using the Boost input (orange wire pin 4) or the User2 input (brown-white wire pin 8).  To do this use two identical pressure sensors.  Connect the pressure sensor signal outputs (green wires) to the switch and the ZT-2 input to the center connection on the switch.  Setup the Boost or User2 input in the software for the sensor type you are using.  The two pressure sensors can be powered by the Zt-2 Boost sensor +5V power, yellow wire (pin 6), and grounded to the brown signal ground wire (pin 11).


Air and fluid temperature sensors have two wires.  Wire colors may be black and orange, or black for both wires.  The two wires are interchangeable and either wire can be used when making the connections in the instructions below.

  1. Connect one of the wires from each temperature sensor to the the Zt-2 Signal Harness "Sensor Ground" input.  This wire is the brown wire (pin 11).
  2. Connect the second wire from each temperature sensor to the outer connection points on the switch.
    Sensor Setup Diagram
  3. Connect the Zt-2 Signal Harness "User2" wire (pin 8) to the center connection point on the switch.
    This wire is white with a brown stripe.
  4. Setup the Zt-2 "User2" input.  By default the User2 input will read a voltage. 
    To change this to a temperature select either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature readings from the following menu:
Software Setup Menu

For more information on the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Model 2010 please visit the Zt-2 Product Information Page.
For questions on the Zeitronix Model 2009/earlier versus the new Model 2010
please visit the Hardware Compatibility Questions Page.