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Zeitronix Data Logger Version 3 :: Release Date and Version Changes

ZDL v3.1.6 on 4/11/2012

Download ZDL 3.1.6 Setup  (6.0 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Added : Support for dual wideband AFR hardware configurations - Connect the Linear Wideband Output from a Zt-2 or Zt-3 to the User1 or User2 inputs on the Zt-2.  When connected to the User2 input display left and right AFR or Lambda values on the LCD display or ZR-2 Multi Gauges.
  • Added : Support for battery voltage monitoring using a 4:1 voltage divider.  Attach to the User1 or User2 inputs for display in the Zeitronix Data Logger software.  When connected to the User2 input display the battery voltage readout on the LCD display or ZR-2 Multi Gauge.
  • Added : Exported data now supports millisecond timing information for Zeitronix Data Logger log files (*.ZDL) and Black Box Data Logger files (*.SDL) files.
  • Fixed : An issue in version 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 caused plots to not be as smooth, correct in 3.1.6.
  • Fixed : Various smaller issues including User2 menu checkmarks, "EGT x 100" and "volts" text on the dashboard controls.

ZDL v3.1.5 on 11/21/2011

Download ZDL 3.1.5 Setup  (6.0 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Added : Last position of the main window is saved and restored the next time the program starts
  • Fixed : The RPM value was not imported correctly when using SDL files so RPM logged with the program did not match RPM logged when using the Black Box Data Logger. Values will now match without having to adjust the RPM multiplier.

ZDL v3.1.4 on 10/11/2011

Download ZDL 3.1.4 Setup  (6.0 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Added : Air and fluid temperature sensors can now be displayed in the Dashboard view using the "User2" or "User1" inputs
  • Added : The RPM setup value is remembered and used for all new logs, imported logs and newly added RPM plots
  • Updated : Sample log files now show menu options used with the Zt-2 Wideband when opened
  • Fixed : Using "page down" near the end of the data could cause the time shown in status bar to be incorrect
  • Fixed : Various smaller issues where the local help file may not open, setting up a boost gauge would cause the plot boost range to be incorrect, deleting file markers and saving the file did not delete the markers, title name bar might not be correct if resetting the configuration through preferences.
  • Fixed : Issues only applying to version 3.1.3 : the final RPM digit in plots might not be visible, indicator line might not erase or right side text might not update when using overlapped plots, EGT units text would not change when changing units (values were correct).

ZDL v3.1.3 on 7/19/2011

Download ZDL 3.1.3 Setup  (6.0 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Added : Overlapping plots display
  • Added : Move plots up and down
  • Added : Buttons for Add/Delete, Move Up/Down, Overlap/Non-Overlapped plots

    Using the overlapped button you must select at least two plots as overlapped to see the effect.
    Shortcut keys are 't', 'p' and 'o' to make the screen show all text, all plots, or all overlapping plots.
    Use keys '1' and '2' to switch between the dash view and plot view without affecting the plot layout if only some plots are overlapping (instead of the 'p' and 'd' shortcut keys).
  • Added : About Dialog now lists information about the current open file
  • Fixed : if the original installation directory was deleted the current screen setup would not be saved when exiting. Also the preferences dialog could show incorrect information in this case.
  • Fixed : Small fixes concerning the file name being displayed when opening a file when using the File -> Open menu

ZDL v3.1.2 on 4/28/2011

Download ZDL 3.1.2 Setup  (6.0 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Added : ZDL v 2 log files (*.zto) can now be opened by the Zeitronix Data Logger.
    Use "File" -> "Open" or drag and drop files to open them.
  • Change: Allowed a larger range on Zt-3 linear wideband output for easier matching of the AFR curve slope to 3rd party system.
  • Fixed : Some improvements to stability on earlier hardware.

ZDL v3.1.1 on 3/28/2011

Download ZDL 3.1.1 Setup  (6.0 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Added : A small minus sign on the left will allow the connections dialog to shrink down (showing the full dialog contents on smaller screens).
  • Fixed : EGT plot temperature range would reset automatically if changed.
  • Fixed : Warnings dialog needed to show two decimal places if using Lambda units.
  • Fixed : Editing a "User2" plot the dialog did not "remember" if the "custom" drop down list setting was used (shows as volts when editing the second time).
  • Fixed : RPM setup dialog allowed any RPM values (altered to force 1 or greater values only).
  • Fixed : Editing an RPM plot would change the RPM multiplier number back to the default of 4.
  • Fixed : Adding a plot while logging would show shifted results in the new plot for a short time.
  • Fixed : The 1/8th NPT table for Fahrenheit or Celsius has been adjusted to better reflect high temperature readings.

ZDL v3.1.0 on 1/6/2011

Download ZDL 3.1.0 Setup  (6.0 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Fixed : Small fix in the Zt-3 Linear Wideband Output Dialog. If using the Zt-3 custom linear wideband output range please re-setup this range for best results.
  • Fixed : A rare problem could occur where spikes could appear in the data on one or more plot lines.
  • Fixed : (Installer) Opening a .zdl file will now use the latest version installed.

ZDL v3.0.9 on 10/29/2010

Download ZDL 3.0.9 Setup  (5.9 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Added : Support for the new Zt-3 Wideband Air Fuel Ratio / Lambda Meter and Datalogging System device type in the "Connections Setup" dialog and "Edit Display Items" dialogs.
  • Added : Zt-3 Wideband device menu.
  • Added : Linear Wideband Output Setup Dialog.
  Update: 11/30/2010 Installation now includes sample log files.

ZDL v3.0.8 on 9/24/2010

Download ZDL 3.0.8 Setup  (5 MB)  Multi-Language Installer
  • Fixed : "Warnings :: Clear All" will now clear all on screen warnings for the given Zt-2 as well as clearing the warning setup on the Zt-2 hardware.
  • Fixed : The range of EGT and Boost plots were incorrect after using "New" depending on the units being used.
  • Fixed : On screen warnings with AFR shown as lambda did not show on screen properly.
  • Fixed : Auto detect could cause 2 devices to be setup with same COM number.

ZDL v3.0.8 BETA on 9/14/2010

Download ZDL 3.0.8 BETA ZIP (3.5 MB)
Download ZDL 3.0.8 BETA (self extracting .exe)
  • Temperature Sensor Monitoring using the Zt-2's User1 Input
    Allows software display of temperature sensor data using the Zt-2 User1 input.  This configuration requires the use of a resistor and 5 volt power connection.  See the User1 Temperature Sensor Setup page for additional details.
ZDL v3.0.7 on 8/11/2010

Download ZDL 3.0.7 ZIP (3.3 MB)
Download ZDL 3.0.7 (self extracting .exe)
  • Automatic Zt-2 Wideband Device Detection
    Connecting one more Zt-2's is now as simple as plugging in to your USB to serial adapter or serial communication port.  Changing USB ports?  No problem!  The move will be automatically detected and logging will continue, no setup required.
  • Automatic Zt-2 Sensor/Units setup
    Changing the sensor range and units when adding or editing a "Plot View" or a "Dashboard View" control will update the Zt-2 device to match.  For instance choose a 3.5/5.0/10 bar sensors will be setup on the Zt-2 boost input depending on the range selected.  Bar and psi units will also be setup appropriately.
  • Scaling/Averaging and Data Conversion
    User1 and User2 analog inputs can measure various sensors outputting 0 to 5 volt signals.  With the new Zeitronix Data Logger interface these inputs can be easily configured to convert and display this data according to the sensor being used.  Zeitronix MAP or gauge pressure sensors are supported on the User1 input while the User2 input will support these sensors plus the Zeitronix Air and Fluid temperature sensors.  The User2 input will also support the new 1/8th NPT Fluid Temperature Sensor.
  • Custom Data Conversions
    User1 and User2 voltage values can be custom configured to fit additional sensors.  Pressure sensors, mass air flow sensors or other 0 to 5 volt range sensors can be custom configured to read the correct pressure or mass air flow values based on your sensors specifications.
  • TPS Fit Data to 0 to 100% Range
    Some TPS (Throttle Position Sensors) do not use the full 0 to 5 volt voltage range when reporting position data.  The "Scale TPS data to 0 to 100% Range" option will now make these sensor show as 0 to 100%.  If you have noticed your TPS readings only going up to 90% or only down to 15% this option will expand this display to 0 to 100%.  To initially register the full sensor range fully depress the throttle before your data logging run.  This can be done with the power to the Zt-2 and vehicle on but without the engine running.
  • Dashboard View
    The Dashboard View has been updated to redraw faster for better real-time display of data.
  • Check for a newer ZDL software version
    We are constantly updating and improving the software to make the Zeitronix system and software the best one available for the money.  Stay up to date easily with this new Help menu option.  A message box will let you know if your currently have the latest version.  If a newer version of the program is available the Zeitronix software download page will be displayed.
  • New Preferences Options
    Including resetting the screen Dashboard and Plot view displays and turning off auto detection of Zeitronix devices.
  • And More:
    Added: Press F1 key for a quick help overview of the program's main shortcuts.
    Added: Toolbar button for narrowband switching point feature (or press the 'n' key as a shortcut).
    Added: Toolbar button for RPM setup (or press the 'r' key as a shortcut).  This value can still be changed in the connections setup dialog.
    Added: Press the 'f' key as a shortcut to enter a file comment.
    Added: Units for User2 in the Warnings dialog will list the actual units name. Re-setup the Zt-2 User2 input to the appropriate sensor to see this change.
    Change: RPM plot color (blue) is now a more readable color by default.
    Fixed: Editable RPM and EGT gauge names now say x1000 and x100 by default.  Existing files will not be affected and the new Preferences "Reset Settings" can be used to show the default text.

ZDL v3.0.6 on 6/16/2010

Download ZDL 3.0.6 ZIP (6.9 MB)
Download ZDL 3.0.6 (self extracting .exe)
  • Fixed :  The "User2" temperature sensor menu items would fail for Zt-2s connected on Device 2 through 8.
    Device 1 menus did not have any issues.
  • Fixed :  Setting the Linear Wideband Output option for the 2009/earlier Zt-2 models did not turn this option on.
  • Fixed :  Double clicking on a Device 2 through 8 AFR plot or AFR Gauge (to change display units to Lambda) would cause it to show Device 1 Lambda data instead.
Update to ZDL 3.0.6 (build2) on 6/21/2010
  • Fixed:  The "User2" temperature units were listed as Fahrenheit even if the values were in Celsius.

    ZDL v 3.0.6 Build2 Update:  Uninstall and re-install using the 3.0.6 installers above, or
    update the ZDL program itself using the English or German versions of the program: (English)  (Deutsch)

ZDL v3.0.5 on 5/17/2010

Download ZDL 3.0.5 ZIP (6.1 MB)
Download ZDL 3.0.5 (self extracting .exe)
  • Added : On screen warnings for plots, text, and dash controls, based on warnings setup.
  • Added : Single column device menu if only 1 device is currently active.
  • Added : Dash view support for 150psi (10bar) gauge.
  • Added: Online and offline help menu item links.
  • Update : Splash screen has been updated to a full color image.
  • Fixed : Devices on serial port COM10 and higher would fail to open.
  • Fixed : Setting the narrowband switching point using Lambda units and values.
  • Fixed : User2 warnings for temperature sensors were set in reverse of expected behavior.
  • Fixed : User2 setup reporting "Unable to setup the ZT-2 User 2 ..."
  • Fixed : Opening an invalid file resulted in an error message box but no message.
  • Fixed : 150 PSI gauge sensor on the boost input would have a range to 63.3 instead of 150 psi
  • Fixed : German User2 menu was setting Map/pressure sensors to Boost input instead of User2

ZDL v3.0.4 on 4/1/2010

Download ZDL 3.0.4 ZIP (6.1 MB)
Download ZDL 3.0.4 (self extracting .exe)
  • Added multiple language support.  The program installer, Zeitronix Data Logger,
    Zt-2 Instructions PDF and ZDL help file is now available in English or German.
  • Fix to local help file (html) allowing it to work offline with all images shown.
  • Fix to Connection Setup "Scan for Zeitronix devices" button.
    Using cancel after this option could require a restart (logging no longer possible).
  • Fix to F8 shortcut changing plot line size, not all plots were being affected.

ZDL v3.0.3 on 2/16/2010

Download ZDL 3.0.3 ZIP (2.6 MB)
Download ZDL 3.0.3 (self extracting .exe)
  • About Dialog added with device status listings.
  • Added Preferences Dialog option for setting screen text display update rate.
    This provides easier readability of on screen text when data is being logged.
  • Added Preferences Dialog option for setting the configuration file directory.
  • Online and offline help menu item links added.
  • Fixed a problem with the 'Dashboard View' TPS font size.

ZDL v3.0.2 on 12/8/2009

Download ZDL 3.0.2 ZIP (2.6 MB)
Download ZDL 3.0.2 (self extracting .exe)
  • Added data export to .csv or .txt files
  • Fluid temperature sensor support
  • Added data collection time logging