Zeitronix Newsletter - April 2010
  In This Issue...
  1. New Zeitronix Data Logger 3.0.4    (Download Page/ZIP/EXE)
    Released with English and German language support!
  2. Zt-2 Wideband : Warnings and Trigger Capabilities
    Warnings setup and how to save your engine by having the Zt-2 watch your data.

1.  Zeitronix Data Logger 3.0.4 Released

  • New  Multiple language support
    ZDL Setup Program, Zeitronix Data Logger, Zt-2 Instructions (PDF) and ZDL Help information is now available in English or German.

    Please see the Zeitronix Data Logger Page to download the latest release.
    Release notes are also available for the latest and previous releases.

1.  Zeitronix Data Logger Software 3.0.4 veröffentlicht

  • Neu  Unterstützung mehrerer Sprachen
    ZDL Installationsprogramm, Zeitronix Data Logger, Anleitung für Zt-2 und dessen Anzeigen (als PDF) und ZDL Hilfe ist ab sofort auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

    Gehen Sie auf die Zeitronix Data Logger Seite um die aktuelle Version herunterzuladen.
    Die Versionshinweise sind ebenfalls hier für diese und die vorherigen Versionen erhältlich.

We would like to take this special opportunity to thank our Zeitronix distributor Lambda-Tuning for their help in creating the German translation of the Zeitronix ZDL program, help files and Zt-2 instructions.  Thank You Lambda Tuning!

A link to all Zeitronix Distributors worldwide can be found at the top and bottom of the Zeitronix order page.

2.  Zt-2 Wideband : Warnings and Trigger Capabilities

The ability of the Zt-2 to collect data on AFR/Lambda, RPM, Boost/Vacuum, EGT, Throttle Position, Temperature/Pressure (User2) and Analog User (User1) inputs may leave you wondering how to possibly watch and use all this data.  The answer to this questions is to let the Zt-2 watch the data for you.  A device called the ZAVT ( Zeitronix Audio-Visual warning and Trigger box ) can be connected to the Zt-2 to receive and warn if a data parameter is out of line.  The best thing about the ZAVT is it can be combined with a relay to trigger nitrous systems, water/methanol injection systems or a boost solenoid (releasing boost pressures) possibly saving your engine and a large amount of time and money.

Two kinds of warnings can be setup using the Zeitronix Datalogger software.  The first kind of warning is the simple warning.  Specify the high or low limit on one or more of the data parameters and the Zt-2 will trigger the warning system.  Multiple data parameters can be monitored at the same time!

The second type of warning is the complex warning.  The complex warning will trigger when all data parameter conditions have been met.  For instance a common complex warning is to warn when the Air Fuel Ratio is too lean.  This warning is only needed when the engine is under high load (and not idling for instance).  To monitor this situation the Zt-2 can be configured to watch for a lean Air/Fuel ratio and for a high boost.  Until both of these conditions are met no warning will be given.  RPM could also be used in this case instead of boost.

Here is a screen capture of the Zeitronix Data Logger warning setup screen showing both simple and complex warnings.

For more information on the ZAVT, Warnings, and the warnings setup with a relay, please visit the ZAVT product page.

For more information on the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Model 2010 please visit the Zt-2 Product Information Page.
For questions on the Zeitronix Model 2009/earlier versus the new Model 2010
please visit the Hardware Compatibility Questions Page.