Zeitronix Hacker/Tweaker AFR Display Board

Hacker/Tweaker AFR Display Board

This is for you, the hard core Hacker/Tweaker who wants to make your car stand out from the crowd with a super stealth and clean in-dash installation. So file, grind and glue until you have a clean, integrated, in-dash wideband AFR display.
The Zeitronix Hacker/Tweaker is a very small AFR display for the Zt-2 or Zt-3 Wideband Systems. Designed to fit into tight spots, full board dimensions are less than 2" by 1".  The minimum opening to display the digital readout is only 0.56 x 1.4 inches. It's an open frame and bare board display meant to be mounted in the dash, in place of a stock clock or wherever you, the Hacker/Tweaker wants to mount a discrete wideband AFR display. Like all LED displays it requires a tinted foil or Lexan cover. There are two mounting holes for screws or standoffs. It powers up right from the Zt-2 or Zt-3 DATA port. Comes in blue or red digits.

See our customer gallery for some inspiring display installations.

Made in the USA


Hacker/Tweaker Board With tinted cover (red display) With tinted cover (blue display)
Hacker Tweaker Mini AFR Display HT Display RED HT Display Blue

Hacker Tweaker Mini AFR Display with Ruler

Sizes and Specifications

  • Full board dimensions are less than 2" by 1", only 1.975 x .930 inches (50.17 x 23.62 mm)
  • Digit readout area is 0.560 x 1.400 inches (14.22 x 35.56 mm)
  • Two mounting holes for #4 (or 3mm) screws.
  • Cable length is 5 feet, enough to reach your under dash Zt-2 or Zt-3 and can be extended if necessary


Hacker Tweaker Dimensions