Thank you for visiting Zeitronix at SEMA 2009

Thank you for making SEMA 2009 one of the best shows ever.  2009 was our 5th year attending and Zeitronix was honored to receive two awards at the show.  The Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer received a 1st Runner Up award in the "Best New Performance Racing Product" category and a "Global Media Award". The new Zeitronix Model 2010 Zt-2 Wideband System also received a "Global Media Award".  Zeitronix products participated in a field of more than 2700 new products at this year's show!

We hope you were able to see the full demonstration of the new Zt-2 Model 2010.  Below are some additional details on both the Zt-2 Wideband System and Ethanol Content Analyzer in case some details were missed during the rush of the show.  If you have any questions about any of our products please feel free to contact us.  Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.  Zeitronix Sales Department

The Award Winning Zt-2 Model 2010

| New Features | New Inputs | New Software | New Possibilities |
Air Fuel Ratio/Lambda  Water/Oil/Transmission Temperature 
Air Intake Temperature  Fuel/Oil Pressure  Boost/Vacuum 
Exhaust Gas Temperature Throttle Position  RPM

Compared to the Zt-2 Model 2009 and earlier the new Zt-2 Model 2010 has an additional input which can read an additional sensor.
Support for air or fluid temperature sensors fuel/oil pressure sensors or an additional MAP or gauge pressure sensor are all supported using this new input.  This capability is set through the Zeitronix Data Logging software allowing additional new sensors possibilities to be supported in the future.

Changes have also been made to the LCD, ZR-2 multi-gauge, and datalogging software to support displaying the new data on these devices.  Support for this input is also extended to the Zt-2's warnings system.

The Zeitronix Model 2010 Zt-2 is in stock and available now.


The Award Winning Zeitronix
Ethanol Content Analyzer
Flex Fuel Sensor Connector


Zeitronix ECA, Flex Fuel Sensor, and Connector are in stock and can be ordered online now.

Displays fuel ethanol content from 0% to 100%
Displays fuel temperature from -40 to 125 F (-40 to 52 C)

Two analog outputs, Ethanol Percentage and Fuel Temperature
Aluminum enclosure

For more information on the Ethanol Content Analyzer, Flex Fuel sensor, and Connector please visit the ECA Product Information Page.