New for 2008
Zeitronix-DashDAQ Display
Monitor Dual Exhaust Vehicles | Full Color Touch Screen Display
Full OBDII Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • Monitor left and right cylinder bank Air/Fuel ratio (AFR) or EGT values.

  • Show AFR, RPM, EGT, Vacuum/Boost, TPS, and User Input from your Zt-2.

  • Full OBDII support: Mass Air Flow, Spark Advance, Coolant Temp, and more..

  • 4" Touch-Screen offers 480x272 resolution using TFT LCD technology.

  • Data logging onto removable MMC/SD memory.

  • Left and Right bank AFR readings.




  • Left and Right bank EGT readings.




  • Windshield  mounting.

Additional details are available here.

New Zeitronix Datalogging Software - Version 2.0.13
  • Dashboard View
  • Indicator Lines
  • Zeitronix Style Gauges

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