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TCAC is a great solution to keep the interior of your car cool without loosing precious power at full throttle, so your car will always feel strong, with and with out the load of Air Conditioner Compressor.

TCAC automatically turns off the AC Compressor every time the throttle is pressed over 60% and keeps it off for an additional 6 seconds after the throttle position comes back bellow 60%. Long enough to let you change gear and accelerate again, also allowing RPM to drop to the lower level before the AC clutch engages again when you begin cruising. You can also see it working when the air conditioning light indicator goes off.

TCAC is professionally designed and manufactured using the latest solid state technology, without electromechanical parts like relays, which are less reliable than semiconductors. Moreover, we use the highest quality components and very reliable soldermasked printed circuit boards in order to make a long lasting and reliable product; still at a great price. Our products are professionally assembled in the United States and rigorously tested to assure the highest quality.

A small size makes TCAC easy to mount near the ECU or the AC switch.

Click HERE for installation instructions.