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What’s TCAC?
TCAC: Throttle Controlled Air Conditioner

TCAC is a great solution to keep the interior of your car cool without loosing precious power at full throttle, so your car will always feel strong, with and with out the load of Air Conditioner Compressor.

How does it work?
TCAC automatically turns off the Air Conditioner Compressor every time the throttle is pressed over 60% and keeps it off for an additional 6 seconds after the throttle position comes back bellow 60%. Long enough to let you change gear and accelerate again, also allowing RPM to drop to the lower level before the AC clutch engages again when you begin cruising.

Does it effect both ECONO and FULL AC modes?
Yes, TCAC controls both FULL AC and ECONO modes as well as amber and green light indicators of the Air Conditioner Switch.

Is the temperature inside the car going to rise because of TCAC?
Not really, since the full throttle operation lasts only for a short period of time. TCAC allows the air conditioner compressor to be turned back on, 6 seconds after the throttle position gets back to 60% and below. The AC operates as usual when cruising, decelerating or accelerating gradually.

What cars is TCAC designed for?
TCAC was designed specifically to control the AC compressor in 1G DSM cars, 90-94 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser and 91-92 Mitsubishi Galant VR4, using solid state technology. There is no mechanical relay (did we mentioned reliability?) but this makes TCAC specific for this application.

All statements, installation and wiring instructions apply to cars mentioned above.

What should I do if I want to trigger some other device at 60% throttle position?

If you want to install TCAC in a different car or for a different application, other than control of the AC compressor, click HERE for instructions.

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