Zt-3 Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Meter
Standalone Units and Combos with Displays


Zt-3 Kit

ZR-2 GaugeZR-2 GaugeZR-2 GaugeZR-2 Gauge

High quality, high performance, low cost, made in the U.S.A.
Based on the award winning flagship Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband.

   Precise wideband air/fuel ratio (lambda) measurements
   Standalone system supporting fuel-injected and carbureted engines
   Linear analog wideband output for use with 3rd party ECMs, dataloggers, and gauges
   Adjustable, simulated narrowband oxygen sensor output
   Fast-response, high-bandwidth digital output for ZR-1 Gauges and real-time datalogging
   Zt-3 kits include a wideband oxygen sensor, 10 ft sensor harness, PC serial cable
   Free Zeitronix data logging software
   Plug and Play with the optional Zeitronix ZR-1 AFR/Lambda Gauge
   For use with additional Zt-3 or Zt-2 Wideband Systems supporting dual-channel exhausts

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For information on the Zeitronix Zt-2 and Zt-3 Wideband Systems
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