Zeitronix Newsletter - October 2010
2010 SEMA Show
Zeitronix will be attending the 2010 SEMA Show on Tuesday, November 2 through Friday, November 5, 2010.

This year we are announcing the release of the Zt-3 Wideband Air/Fuel, Lambda Meter and Datalogging System.  Features include configurable wideband analog output, configurable simulated narrowband output and support for all Zeitronix displays.

For a demonstration of the Zt-3 and all of our products please visit us at booth # 21220 in the Racing and Performance section.

Zt-3 Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Meter
           Datalogging System

The new Zt-3 has the same high quality, high precision air fuel ratio readings as our signature Zt-2 wideband. The Zt-3 supports wideband air fuel ratio and lambda readings, adjustable simulated narrowband output and a new configurable linear wideband output for ease of use with engine management systems and 3rd party gauges.

The new Zt-3's dimensions are only 3 by 2 by 1 inches.  The case includes slots case for easy zip tie mounting in a tucked away location.


Zt-3 WidebandOxygen Sensor

Dimensions:  3" x 2" x 1"
(76mm x 50mm x 25mm)

Configurable Simulated Narrowband Output

Replace the signal from your stock narrowband oxygen sensor for increased fuel savings or smoothed idle RPM.

Adjustable Narrowband Output

Configurable Wideband Output

Match the Zt-3 Wideband output to your engine management system or data logger.

Volts  AFR
AFR vs Voltage Table


For information on the Zeitronix Zt-2 and Zt-3 Wideband Systems
and additional high quality Zeitronix products please visit the Zeitronix Product Information Page.